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Safety Climate Survey

We are thrilled to announce significant improvements to our Safety Climate Survey, a cornerstone of our comprehensive diagnostics suite. With unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, we have reimagined and enhanced this essential tool, empowering you to uncover deeper insights, cultivate a proactive safety culture and embark on a journey towards a safer, more resilient future.

What's new?

Predicted position on the Safety Culture Maturity Model

Use your safety climate results to estimate your position on our Safety Culture Maturity Model, designed to provide a better understanding of where you are on your safety journey.


Capturing a holistic view of safety

Our revised item pool and subdimensions expand our coverage and ensures that participants are thinking about safety as physical and psychological wellbeing. We've designed our Safety Climate Survey to complement your physical and psychosocial hazard and risk assessments.

Interactive dashboards

Explore your safety climate data in more depth with our intuitive Tableau dashboards, providing new views and insights.


  • Drill down to team level results to understand key strength areas across your organisation
  • Compare results to our benchmark comparison groups
  • Track your progress and performance over time with targeted surveys and interactive progress results
New core dimensions
  • Organisational practices for health and wellbeing
  • Team climate supporting job resources
Updated benchmarks
  • New stratified dataset of 29,000+ taken from a sample of 59,000+ employees
  • New oil & gas industry benchmark available
  • Updated mining, utilities and construction benchmarks

Paired with the features you know and love...

Assessment - green inverse
Comprehensive assessment of safety climate
We specialise in evidence-based and reliable measuring of your organisation's safety climate. Receive clear and easy to understand data to inform your strategy and governance processes.


Experts - white green
A dedicated team of experts

Get more than just an automated report as our team of organisational psychologists and safety experts review your results. You'll have the opportunity to discuss your results, receive personalised recommendations, and develop your strategic plan with our team.

Data - Green Inverse
In-depth data

Our survey measures more than 25 dimensions of safety climate, in addition to optional modules that you can mix and match to build a survey that's right for your organisation.

International and Industry Specific Benchmarking - green inverse
International and industry specific benchmarking

Our stratified samples are drawn from more than 59,000 participants, enabling you to track your safety climate against other organisations and target industries.

Online Survey - Green Inverse-1
A range of delivery methods

We understand that every organisation and team are different, which is why we offer a range of survey delivery methods. Participants can complete the survey in person via a hard copy, online, or even on their mobile phone.

Customisation - green inverse
Survey customisation

We can adjust our surveys to use language and context that is meaningful to your people

Language - Green Inverse
Available in any language

Whether you have a global presence or a diverse workforce, our surveys can be translated into any language.

Security - Green Inverse
Safe and secure

Our data collection process is confidential and anonymous, so you can be assured your workforce feels safe to provide honest answers for more accurate data. All information collected as part of the Safety Climate Survey is stored securely. 

Download our new factsheet to learn more

Sentis Safety Climate Survey Factsheet - Front Cover

A holistic view of safety

Our Safety Climate Survey has always captured the breadth of the safety experience within an organisation, but we know there is always room for improvement. We have evolved our approach and philosophy to be about more than just the reduction of harm. Our focus is on using safety to improve the quality of life for individuals and, consequently, greater efficiency and operational success for organisations. We call this approach Positive Safety.

Positive safety is about focusing on proactive safety controls and genuine, helpful attitudes that can guide organisations to create a culture of trust, growth and excellence that leads to safer results.

Positive safety addresses the physical, social and psychological aspects of safety, resulting in an environment that supports each individual to bring the best of themselves to work.

The Safety Culture Maturity Model

 Utilising our Safety Culture Maturity Model, we work alongside
organisations as they journey towards safety culture maturity and the goal of safety Citizenship.

In organisations with a mature safety culture, leaders consider the safety of the whole person and people genuinely buy into safety. People see safety as a personal value and actively choose to follow safety procedures – not because they have to, but because they want to. People see safety systems as tools that add value to their jobs, rather than as barriers that make work difficult.

Relationships are characterised by high trust and mutual respect, with a common understanding around how safety helps everyone to return home safe at the end of every day.

Safety is a precondition of doing business, fostering a willingness to go above and beyond minimum role requirements to help others and, more broadly, contribute to the organisation’s safety goals.

Safety Culture Maturity Model_2023 V02_Text

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